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soomla traceback logo in white color just above the definition of traceback as the attribution of advertising revenue to a specific user in mobile apps

Ad LTV as a Service

Traceback | trace-back | (verb).

Automatically attribute advertising
revenue per user.

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How Do You Calculate Your Ad LTV?

Some of your users watch more impressions than others.
98% of your users never click so they generate $0 from performance ads.
Traceback collects ad-interaction data and applies algorithmic calculations to reach the best accuracy.
gray user is active in the app but havent watched any impressions and so there is no revenue coming from him active blue user watched at least one ad impression but not neccessarily generated any revenue since most of the campaigns in the mobile app ecosystem today are CPI so the publisher only get paid if the user ended up installing the advertised app watched the gold users are the ones that generated the revenue by clicking on the ads and installing the advertised apps. Traceback is the only platform that allows you to identify these users and attribute their revenue generated revenue

How It Works

SOOMLA Traceback saves you precious development time with seamless data collection from both the client side and the ad network servers. Our revenue reporting API feeds the data to your BI so you can keep doing exactly what you were doing before but with much greater precisions.

Pay-per-use Pricing

We offer a transparent model that is easy to predict and gives you the flexibility and control you need.

Feature Package
Fee Per 1M MAU
Dashboard Only
Data Pipelining* - 1 Target
Data Pipelining - 5 Targets
* Data Pipelining allows you to export ad ltv data to other platforms such as: Appsflyer, Kochava, Adjust, Tune, Apsalar, Upsight, Omniata and your internal BI

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